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The Mozart Project

A long-time dream of mine has been to play all 27 of Mozart’s piano concerti with orchestra. One of my first teachers was Lili Kraus, well known for her performances of these magnificent works.

Although I have performed nine Mozart piano concerti over the span of my career, I decided to start again and do all 27. I commenced the project in Launceston, Tasmania in June 2018 where I performed the first and last of the concerti with the LYCO.

In 2019, I played four more concerti with the Melbourne Sinfonia and the Melbourne Musicians. I will continue fulfilling this dream with four more lined up for 2020 and others in the planning stages.

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 17 in G major, K. 453
Performed with The Melbourne Musicians, Frank Pam, conductor
James Tatoulis Auditiorium, Melbourne, Australia, March 15, 2019


The beloved Chopin Nocturne in E-flat Major is one of my all time favourite pieces of music, not only because of its sublime beauty, but for a sentimental reason: it was a piece that my mother played throughout my childhood. My performance below is the encore after playing the Mozart piano concerto #19 in F Major with The Melbourne Musicians.

Chopin Nocturne in E-flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2
Performed at James Tatoulis Auditorium, MLC, Kew, 17 May 2019

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