Workshops & Lectures

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A series of professional development workshops are held once a month at the Laussade Studio.  I present a wide range of topics to enhance various aspects of your performing, teaching and listening talents. The topic will be announced several weeks in advance.

Each workshop offers:

  • A One-hour master class with 2 performers, providing performance opportunities, interpretative suggestions, and insights into advanced teaching processes.
  • A 15-minute break with light refreshments.
  • A 30-minute lecture, with a different topic each month, addressing such subjects as “The Art of Pedaling” and “Communicating Emotion through Music”.
  • A 30-minute technical workshop, with audience participation, focusing on a specific technical challenge to enhance the lecture topic on a practical level. A 15-minute forum devoted to answering your questions regarding your concerns in your personal and teaching repertoire.

These workshops are designed to:

  •     Increase your listening and musical awareness.
  •     Improve your technical agility.
  •     Deepen your musical understanding and ability.
  •     Offer a constructive and vibrant environment in which to perform and listen (The master class is for anyone who wishes to perform – teachers or students.)


I am also available for workshops, masterclasses and lectures both in private studios or public venues.

Upcoming Workshops & Lectures

Update: Pause on Workshops

Elyane has paused her Laussade Studio Workshops for the time being due to her abundance of performance and teaching commitments. When she has time she will restart the program. Thank you for understanding.

Past Workshops & Lectures