‘Bach-A-Rach’ Intimate Recitals

'Bach-A-Rach' Intimate Recitals

Coming up in early March, the Laussade Studio is happy to present Bach-A-Rach, the first intimate recitals on offer in the Laussade Studio since the beginning of the pandemic. Having only been able to perform through an online concert platform, Elyane is thrilled to share this music with a live audience.

This unique program is an unexpected juxtaposition of music by Bach, Rachmaninov and Burt Bacharach. A poignant excursion from sheer joy and tristesse in Bach and sublime passion in Rachmaninov, to a more contemporary emotional experience in Bacharach’s two love songs, the diverse repertoire offers a heavenly assortment of treasures. The two arrangements of Bacharach songs are Elyane’s own.

The Laussade Studio, 15 Greendale Road, Doncaster East, off the Eastern Freeway and Blackburn Road.

Thursday, 11 March, Matinee Musicale, 10:45 for 11 am start – RSVP Sunday 7 March
Saturday, 13 March, 7:45 for 8 pm start – RSVP Tuesday 9 March
Sunday, 14 March, 4.45 for 5 pm start – RSVP Wednesday 10 March
Saturday, 20 March, 7:45 for 8 pm start – RSVP Tuesday 16 March
Sunday, 21 March, 4.45 for 5 pm start – RSVP Wednesday 17 March

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, there will be some changes to the format of the intimate recitals. You will note the times have been change to accommodate meal times.  Masks will be required, there will be a limit on the number of attendees (according to the restrictions at the time) and unfortunately there will be no food due to hygiene concerns. Drinks will still be served. In lieu of food preparations and because of the fewer number of attendees, Elyane will be able to offer more dates than usual. 
Tickets: $45  [Credit card facility not available.]
Reservations are required to secure your place, as seating is limited.
Email: elyane laussade @ outook . com
– When composing your email reservation please ensure you remove the spaces so that I can receive it (there are spaces to prevent internet spam). Include your telephone number for confirmation. As my cyber issues are ongoing, please text me if I have not responded to your email within three days.
Phone: 0 4 0 8 6 2 6 8 0 8.
Looking forward once again to sharing the magic of music with you,
Elyane Laussade


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